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Enterprise Culture—“Culture propels development”

Corporate culture is the philosophy that is advocated, accumulated, selected and refined during the long-term operation in an enterprise. It’s the spirit and underlying productive power of a company. It’s a strategic move in the promotion of core competence of a corporation as well.

After the reorganization, the construction of corporate culture is an important measure in building our firm into a multinational company of strong competitiveness. Cultural enhancement has become an integral part of our development strategy, and a consensus among the staff.

For the years to come, we shall continue to enrich and perfect the corporate culture featured with certain petroleum touch. A prevailing corporate culture bearing petroleum characteristics would offer inexhaustible driving force for a company’s further development.

Corporate Spirit
Work together with one heart
Take every effort to achieve a goal
Make innovations
Pursuit of excellence
Corporate Tenet
Credibility, benefits, serving the society
Quality Policy
To expand market share by high quality products and projects
Law-abiding, attention to reputation, all-round customer satisfaction
Emphasis on fundamental work, strict management, continuous improvement on quality systems
Corporate Style
united & hardworking
strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions
rigorous & practical-minded
struggle hard amid difficulties

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