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Research and evaluation of oil and gas field block

Our services range from screening, feasibility study of a block, to assessment of multiple larger blocks. We have abundant know-how, hands-on experience in exploration and evaluation process. A comprehensive economic value assessment on oil and gas reserves would be accomplished, based on reasonable production forecast and cost estimation, with reference to discount factor subject to cash flow analysis principle, also in view of the financial tax system and market price system in the oil and gas region.

Our expert team is skilled at the usage of non-proprietary prospecting instruments and software. With their rapid discovery of relative risks and opportunities in all the sedimentation basins, your chance of success for exploration projects could be maximized.

Development and operation of oil and gas field

Operation & maintenance for oil & gas extracting ground equipments, associated equipments. Running & maintenance services for well-to-station integration, power transmission and distribution integration, single well and oil gathering manifold, gathering and transportation station, natural gas processing spot and gas power station, power distribution station. In addition, we provide relevant technical support and employee training service.

Oilfield mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Through years of overseas mergers and acquisitions, we’ve accumulated a fair amount of client base that spans over twenty countries. We’ve long-standing collaboration with more than 100 petroleum companies, with whom our business include exploration block, production field block, joint venture, EOR and oilfield services. Within this specialized M&A team of ours, there’re senior Chinese negotiators with solid industry and financial background.

Reservoir reconstruction and enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

In order to satisfy the ever-increasing energy demand, petroleum engineers have got to meet a variety of challenges, like devising new methods, or improving techniques and measurement for oil & gas exploitation. The EOR analysis & solution will definitely optimize extract rate. The complex and multidisciplinary EOR would simplify original working procedure while increasing recovery efficiency. Our scope of services: EOR project screening, EOR definition, assessment and planning. Concerning EOR technologies: chemistry EOR, thermodynamics EOR, gas injection, gas recovery, fracturing.

Consultation of oil and gas field development ﹠ management

CAPEIC is committed to offering expertise system solution and integrative service on oil field development. We’ve faith in our experienced specialist team which possess overall leading technical competence. By utilizing scientific project management patterns and powerful resource integration capacity, a whole process management on oil and gas field exploitation would be implemented. From scheme design, resource organization to execution, the entire project would be carried out in a low-coast yet high quality manner.

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