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Oilfield power generation from associated gas

Turning associated gas into high-value product is most effective in the rational utilization of resources and energy sustainability, magnifying the return on investment. CAPEIC’s concept for associated gas electricity generation: small area occupancy, cost saving in capital investment; short installation period, little site foundation construction; long range technical support and diagnosis via remote control system, safe and reliable; flexible with certain mobility, extensive application range.

Oilfield associated gas recovery

Associated natural gas takes up relatively big proportion during oil production. More often than not, associated gas used to be released and burnt into the air, which not only brought waste to resources but also contamination to the environment. Associated gas is also a kind of precious clean energy, and has received broad attention nowadays. Through gas recovery project, associated gas shall be utilized for electricity generation on which drilling machine run to refine CNG/LNG. This contributes to the energy saving emission reduction efforts, meanwhile creates enormous economic efficiency.

Power supply operation service

CAPEIC is engaged in providing of power plant operation services, power engineering commissioning, power plant operation and maintenance training and other projects related power plant professional and technical services, including production and operation management of power generation enterprises ( such as provision of power plant operation, maintenance, repair and other services), power technology consulting service, power equipment sales and after-sales service.

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