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Intelligent oilfield

Technical data would be collected for oil and gas producers, during oil-gas production, gathering and transportation, processing, storage & transmission, and any other procedure throughout manufacturing process. With the aid of network communication, production data would be acquired real time. On the base of various smart sensing technology, sensor self-diagnostic techniques, equipment lifecycle management, combined with true time production datum platform, we’re able to assist oil producers in the following aspects: production real time monitoring and control, production planning and scheduling, integrated management for equipments, manufacturing process optimization, etc. An effective means of fine management for our clients.

Planning, construction and consultation of intelligent oil and gas field

Our Internet of Things aims at the digitalization in oil and gas production. By integrating information technology into petroleum industry, the intelligent system serves to boost the automation level of each section along production operation, ensuring that the process would proceed steadily and effectively. It provides the advantage for production process optimization and delicacy management. The work flow and placement of front line employees could be arranged in accordance with management requirements. Both the efficiency of staff and machine are elevated to the optimum.

Planning and construction of intelligent scheduling system for oil and gas transmission

Characteristics for downstream oil industry: continuous production process, complex production technics, complicated product mix, basic equipment of high-level automation. Being highly reliant on automatic control equipment, targeted engineering could be applied, then expanded to the overall operation. On the foundation of basic module, a system upgrading could be implemented at function points, or integratedly through the supply chain or value chain. Such a solution would optimize the operation flow, and reinforce cost analysis for an enterprise. It helps to increase the working efficiency of staff, and offers support to executives for rapidly accurate decision making.

Information Management System for petrochemical enterprise (automation, software, network and security)

An overall solution of integrated automation for refining and chemical enterprises. With production logistics management being at the center, also sustained by data integration platform and core database, CAPEIC came up with a MES information system that covers laboratory information management, operation management, material balance, material movement management, production plan schedule, production statistics. The system provides data support for ERP, supply chain, techno-economic indicator, headquarters operation command. It helps to optimize resource allocation and utilization. Operation cost will therefore be reduced. As a consequence, petrochemical enterprises’ economic benefit, management level will rise, and their competitiveness shall evolve.

Distribution and sales information management system for petroleum products

CAPEIC provide a distribution and sales information management system for petroleum products. This highly integrated system improves a variety of functions, like logistics optimization, transportation supervision, centralized scheduling, system integration, cost control, sales management and fund settlement. As transport vehicles are equipped with GPS, the control center is able to give dispatching orders promptly, and keep track of distribution all the time. Throughout the delivery process, tank trucks are insured to be lead-sealed which is conducive to fuel loss reduction and fighting illegal trade. The video conference system incorporated interconnects control centers at three levels: province, region, state. The application of information management system would lower traffic cost and enhance transport efficiency; the management integration of distribution and marketing serves the purpose of digitalizing operation management.

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